I Have A 1953 Silver Five Shilling Coin ,what Is It Worth Today? Many Thanks Karl ..


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In Britain, shillings were phased out in 1967; however, special collector editions of groupings of coins were still available after that year. For hundreds of years, silver shilling coins were used as currency in England in Scotland - each shilling would be worth about twelve cents (pence, in English terminology), and each would have the face of an English monarch engraved upon one, or both, sides. Today, a 1953 silver five shilling coin will have a market value of several dollars; since there are still so many examples of these coins available, they are not particularly valuable, although they are certainly worth much more than they used to be.

Facts About Shillings

• Most shillings minted in the 20th century closely resemble the Deutsche Marks of Germany; in fact, both types of coins were used in certain coin-operated machine early in the twentieth century.
• Many English people would refer to their shillings as "bobs" or "bob" - this slangy phrase was often used instead of the name, shilling.
• In parts of Africa, the shilling is still in common usage today; examples of African nations that use shillings include Kenya and Somalia...

People who collect coins often become fascinated by the history and culture connected to each metal disc. Coins are an excellent way to delve deeper into the past, since they represent certain eras. For savvy coin collectors, buying and selling coins can become a lucrative sideline, or a fulfilling full-time career. To learn more about shilling and other forms of currency, consider visiting a local library and looking for history books or other reference materials that mention different types of coin currency.

The most expensive coins will have a rarity element - they will be more difficult to find, and therefore more exclusive. Rare coins can be sold for thousands of dollars or more, depending on their provenance and rarity. However, there are many counterfeit "rare" coins on the market.

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