I Have A 1921 Silver Dollar, What Is It Worth?


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At the current date (April 2011), a 1921 silver dollar (also known as a peace dollar) is worth anything from $57 to $177 depending on its condition.  It’s interesting to note that it is worth $37 if you melt it down for its components.  The coin is made from 10% copper and 90% silver and weighs roughly 27 grams.

In 1921 there were only 1,006,473 peace dollars made at the Philadelphia mint.  The peace dollar was made to commemorate the new era of peace that ushered in following the end of World War 1 (Nobody suspected a war of that scale would or even could happen again).  America continued to make the coin until 1928, but more were made from 1934 to 1935.

One side bears the face of Lady Liberty.  The likeness was taken from the designer Anthony De Francisci’s wife Teresa.  She herself had reportedly dreamed of playing Lady Liberty since childhood.  The other side features a perched bald eagle, another symbol of America.

It’s advised that you get the coin verified by a professional to ensure it’s not a fake as there have been cases of fake peace coins being made to cash-in.

If you want to keep your coin in good condition, do not polish it!  Multiple polishes will corrode the minor details on the face and can drastically reduce its value.

Whenever coin values are on the rise, it will usually be the 1921 and the 1928 peace dollar that are worth the most.  If you have a proof specimen from 1921, congratulations!  There were no more than 30 made and so are very valuable.

For more information on the value of your 1921 peace dollar, see this site: www.coinstudy.com/peace-dollar-values.htmlIt has up to date records on the current value of the peace dollars from ever year they were made in accordance to their condition.
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If it a PEACE dollar eagle on back with the word peace under it at least 90 dollars
if it is a Morgan dollar eagle on back with spread wings about 20 dollars
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You need to collect more information about your coin, to say that it is a 1921 silver dollar, is not enough. You need to check the layout on both sides of the coin and also the mint mark. With that information you will be able to find the value easier and accuratly.
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The 1921 has a higher value than most peace dollars.  The 1921 was made with a deep impression
that was modified in 1922.  The greater depth gave the 1921 a richer look.  The banks did not like them because they were hard to stack very high.  The dies also wore out at a much higher rate due to the need for greater pressure to achieve the deeper impression.  To correct this problem starting in 1922 the impression was made shallower there for the dies lasted longer and the cost to make them was lowered. Kevin
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Depending on quality/condition and if it's a Chapman Proof, and drastically affect the value of that coin. Your best bet is to compare condition with current market values. Ebay can sometimes help in determining value, but please do not assume fully that this is the worth. You can check places like MorganDollarStore.net (www.morgandollarstore.net for a quick view of value.

Good luck!
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I have 2 1923, one 1922 and 1 1921 silver dollars.  All are in perfect condition tho not sealed in plastic.  Are they worth anything?
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I use to collect coins, and I found out, that a 1921 Silver Dollar is worth just the silver content of the coin. It seems like everyone has the 1921 Silver Dollars. Just find out what an ounce of silver is worth, that would be the value of your dollar.
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A coin like this is going to have numismatic value that will be dependent on a number of facts not least investor interest. Otherwise at a purely bullion level, it's hardly work anything. 

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I have two 1924, one 1922 and one 1926 peace dollars. In relatively great shape. Only one, the 1926 has the "d" on the back under the "one".  Just wondering, am in St louis, Missouri.  Not sure if that would make a difference.  Thanks.

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