I Have A 1923 Silver Certificate 1 Dollar Bill, What Is It Worth?


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If you have a 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bill, it’s fair to say that you will be the envy of many collectors. By visiting online auction services such as eBay, it’s common to see these rare collectible items involved in bid wars between banknote enthusiasts. According to literature that specializes in identifying paper money, such a rare banknote could gain up to $150 in today’s economy, but this depends on a few things.

Firstly, the banknote needs to be in mint condition if you are going to receive the top dollar from other dealers and collectors. The authenticity of your 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bill also needs to be verified. Because of how old the banknote will be, it’s likely that its value will be significantly higher than say a 1953 paper bill in comparison. This is due to the fact that as banknotes become older, there’s less of a chance of more being available and in a good condition.

You should expect your rare item to collect at least $20 in an auction, but you should remember that transacting with a dealer may mean you get considerably less than this. After all, why would they buy an item if they wouldn’t be able to make profit on it themselves?

The ‘watch this item’ facility on eBay means that you’re able to see the outcome of 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bills that have been listed. Many people get worried during a two-week auction, and this is because 10 days in, there may not be too many bids. This shouldn’t be perceived as a lack of interest, instead, you should remember that many people will only throw their hat into the ring during the last 24 hours of a listing. Bidding too early can needlessly drive up the price, and strategy is key for dealers who want to get their hands on a rare find.
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It is worth what someone will give you for it.  It has no intrinsic value other than as a collectable or curiosity.
Here is a web site that presents estimated values for rare currency and will try to help you find a buyer:
1923 Silver $1
Silver Certificates were issued beginning in 1880 and were redeemable at the Treasury in silver. Initially this silver would have been from the rich Comstock Lode discovered in Nevada in the 1870s. 1923 was the last series in which Silver Certificates were issued in the large-sized format that dated back to the first notes of the 1860s. In 1928 new, smaller notes would be issued. Today 1923 $1 Silver Certificates are generally worth between $20 and $150 depending on condition.
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It is worth a dollar. The US Government called all Silver Certificates in the early 60's so you no longer have the ability to exchange it for the corresponding amount of silver. The value on the secondary collection market may be more but it would need to be examined by an expert to give you a valuation for this market. You can go to ebay and do a search to get an idea of the condition and value paid for similar items.
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1885 dollar is worth around $10 all the way up to $45 depending on condition and mintmark.if it has a CC mintmark,it could from $60 to $135!

The 1923 dollar is worth around $8 to $40 but I don't know if the mintmark adds or lowers the value.

And the 1920 nickel is worth around $1.00 to $6.00.be aware that if the buffalo nickel(indian head nickel) has a D mintmark it is worth a whole lot more by as much as $12.00 to as much as $80!
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Since it is a dollar it basically is worth $1, however it most likely has a collection value that may be more and if it is a limited production or some other special feature the price goes up. A lot also depends on the condition of the bill so it is hard to give a value on this site. There are a lot of place that can examine the bill and give you a better idea of value. Unfortunately most of this type money does not retain a lot of resale value do to some of the reasons listed.
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1923 Liberty Dollar
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IT is a Peace dollar. Minted from 1921-1935. Wiki says it is worth 15-20 dollars. Trust is not misspelled.
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I'm sorry but there is no such thing as a 1923 Morgan Dollar. In 1923 Peace Dollars were the Dollar coins in mint. I believe your coin is a fake, or you misread the date.
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Well, their value depends greatly upon their conditions, mintmarks (if any), country of origin, denomination, etc. If you go to your local library and check out a book called, "The Standard Catalog of World Coins for the 20th Century" and you will also need to get, "The Standard Catalog of World Coins for the 19th Century" if you want their exact values. I can tell you though that the Morgan Dollar is probably worth somewhere around $20 without a mintmark around $700 with a CC mintmark and somewhere around $60 with an S mintmark. The Peace Dollar from 1923 is probably worth somewhere around $20 to $23, and the Buffalo Nickel is worth somewhere around $10 without a mintmark, around $200 with a D mintmark and around $160 with an S mintmark.
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Go to yahoo Coins and Currency category, under hobbies >>> then collecting. dir.yahoo.com You will find lots of sites covering the art of coin collecting, and many sub-categories. In subcategory "Companies", you will find coin universe. This site offers price guidelines. Your dime could worth from 10 dollar to 800 dollar. Hope that helps

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