I Have A 1965 Winton Churchill Silver Dollar What Is It Worth?


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The 1965 Winston Churchill coin is not a silver dollar; it is a British crown. A crown was worth five shillings, which equates to 25p. It is still legal tender and if you were to spend it, it would still be worth the same amount,

However, if you wanted to buy a Winston Churchill crown you will be able to get one for around £4.00; this figure is so low because there were so many of them made, and so there are still huge numbers in circulation. You can pay more for them than this because some jewellers have added silver or gold to them, or adapted the coins into trinkets in an attempt to increase their value. This is despite the fact that the original coin had no silver whatsoever.

The Winston Churchill crown is special because it was only the fourth commemorative coin ever to be minted, and it was the first coin to be minted with an image of the monarch on one side and a commoner on the other. Despite this, the Queen gave her personal blessing and authorisation for the coin. The Queen’s portrait is the one that was on all the coins that had been minted since 1953, but Churchill’s was commissioned from his favourite sculptor, Oscar Nemon.

The announcement that the coin was to be minted was made just seven weeks after Sir Winston Churchill died, and was an honourable memorial to him. Churchill’s wife, Lady Churchill started the coining press and was presented with the first of the coins. Later, the Queen also struck a Winston Churchill crown, and this too was presented to his wife.

The coins were distributed to the general public in October 1965 and production continued until the summer of 1966 because there was such a huge demand for them in homage to the popular wartime Prime Minister.
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Its not a silver dollar, its a british pound, so about $2 in circulation but to collectors, about $10
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Try www.pgcs.com and see if you can find something in there. If you can't find anything there, call a coin dealer and see what they say. Hope this helps, good luck. (Remember me in your will) lol
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The coin is about $50 maybe

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