I Have A 1870 Silver Trade Dollar In Good Condition. How Much Is It Worth?


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If the silver trade dollar you have in your possession is specifically dated 1870, whether it is in poor, good, very good or even mint condition it does not really matter, as unfortunately what you have is a counterfeit coin, which will have no monetary value whatsoever. Silver trade dollars were only minted between the years 1873 and 1885, so as you can see there was no 1870 silver trade dollar. The majority of the trade dollar coins that were produced by the mint were sent to China in direct competition to the Mexican peso, and were made to counter the advantage that the peso and other countries had over the dollar in terms of the amount of silver contained within the coins.

Counterfeit coins are fairly common and in April 2011 customs and border protection agents seized over 350 fake U.S trade dollars from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. The package, which had been intercepted from China, contained coins dated between 1873 and 1878, which had they been genuine would see collectors happily parting with up to $2000 per coin. The intention was that the coins were going to be sold on the world-famous auction website Ebay as authentic silver trade dollars.

Out of all the silver trade dollars and possibly even all coins in the world, the rarest is the 1885 silver trade dollar. Only five proofs were made of this particular coin and in back in January 2006 one instance of the 1885 silver trade dollar, previously owned by the legendary banker Louis E Eliasberg Sr. Was sold in Dallas, Texas. Composed of 90 per cent silver and 10 per cent copper the coin went for an astronomical $3.3 m dollars at auction.
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A coins value depends upon its mintmark(if any), its condition, country of origin, denomination, etc. I can tell you know that if it does say the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 420 Grains .900 FINE. Trade Dollar on the back then it is fake and just about worthless. If its not from the united states then I don't know anything about your coin, but assuming that it is a silver dollar from the US dated 1870 then you have what is known as a Seated Liberty Dollar. On the front it shows a lady sitting down holding a shield and a pole and on the back it says The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE DOL. The value of a silver dollar from 1870 depends almost entirely upon its mintmark. If you look on the back underneath the eagles claws you might see either no letters, the two letters CC, or (if you are incredibly lucky) an S. I can't give you an exact appraisal since I can't see it, but if you email me some pictures at [email protected] I can give you an exact appraisal. I can give you approximations though. Lets start with the S, if it has an S (which is incredibly unlikely) then it would be worth about $150,000 in absolutely horrible condition. In semi-good condition it would be worth around $500,000. In really good condition it would be worth about $1,000,000, and in perfect condition it would be worth in excess of $2,000,000. If it does have an S on it bring it to the nearest coin dealer ASAP! And ask about how to get it graded by a company called PCGS. If it had a CC on the back then it would be worth about $600 in horrible condition, around $1500 in good condition, and a minimum of $15,000 in perfect condition. If it doesn't have a mintmark (letter) then it is worth $250 in horrible condition, $400 to $500 in good condition and a minimum of $1,800 in perfect condition. Whatever you do DO NOT CLEAN IT! If you do it will become worthless. I would not try to sell it on the internet or you won't get even a fraction of its value. If it doesn't have a mintmark I would only try to sell it to a coin dealer, but if it has a CC mintmark then I would go to www.anacs.com and contact them about how to get it graded, and if it has an S mintmark it will have to be graded by PCGS (www.PCGS.com) or NGC (www.ngccoin.com) or else nobody will buy it.
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About the only thing you can do is take it to different coin collectors and have them look at it. Hope this helps.
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Could you give me the value of an 1848 liberty silver dollar and an 1878 trade dollar, and if you could also describe the coin I would truly appreciate it.
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You need to get a magnifying glass and see if the word copy is on it if so not that much

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