I Have A 1889 "O" Morgan Silver Dollar In Very Good Condition And I Would Like To Know Its Value, Can You Help?


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Go to yahoo Coins and Currency category, under hobbies >>> then collecting. dir.yahoo.com You will find lots of sites covering the art of coin collecting, and many sub-categories. In subcategory "Companies", you will find coin universe. This site offers price guidelines. Your dollar could worth from 10 dollar to 1000 dollar. Hope this helps
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the person is asking about a dollar and ALL your answers refer to a dime in the responses you give to different people I don't think that's being helpful at all
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2008 redbook values it vf20 to 25 dollars ms65 5,500 dollars value somewhere between these amounts.
vf = very fine
ms = mintstate coins rated on a scale of 70,1 being the worst shape 70 considered perfect

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