I Have A Coin Dated 1562 Good Condition How And Were Could I Take It To See Its Value In Liverpool Queen Elizabeth Coin?


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A specialist in coins to help you with valuations is a numismatist. Assuming that since the coin was in circulation in England during the 16th century, you are based in the UK and would like to find a numismatist in Liverpool then there are the following options available to you:

Worldwide Coins, PO Box 11, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 0FG. Telephone: 0845 634 1809, Email: [email protected]
  • It should be noted that this company states that they specialize in post-1950 world paper money and coins but that they also are looking for examples of British and world coins from earlier periods.
If you are prepared to travel just slightly further across the River Mersey on the ferry, or under it on the tube, bus or taxi, then you can easily take a trip to Birkenhead Indoor Market and visit:

Merseyside Collectors Centre, Unit C109-111, Birkenhead Market Hall, Paxton Aisle, Birkenhead, CH41 2YL. Telephone: 0151 666 1431
  • This company offer trade and valuations on a wide range of coins, ranging from Roman times onward. They ask that any coin is brought to their experts in the market so they can judge the quality and condition of the coin for valuation purposes.
If you prefer to stay on the Liverpool side of the river, then you can head north to Southport using Northern Line rail services to visit:

D.M. Regan, Coin & Medal Dealer, 25 Hoghton Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0NS. Telephone: 01704 531266
  • This shop is situated just a short walk from Southport rail station and deals in the trade and valuation of coins and medals in particular.
It is important to point out that the size, denomination, quality and relative rarity of the coin can greatly affect its valuation and that it may well be worth visiting at least two experts to corroborate any valuation you are given for the coin.

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