What Is The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Crown 5 Shilling Coin Of 1953 Worth?


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The Queen Elizabeth coronation crown coin is a very popular coin and as it was a celebrating coronation of a queen, there are a lot of people out there that saved a coin for the future to see what it would be worth. For this reason, the coin is only worth around $25 today. This is because there are still so many in circulation and so many people have kept hold of them to see if they would be collectors items in the future.

  • Value
The value of the coin depends on the condition it is in and how well it has been kept. It will increase in value as there  become less and less of the coins and the further it gets away from 1953.

The coin was worth a shilling back in 1953 when it was used as actual money; a shilling was worth approximately 60 pre-decimal pence. Following the decimalization of British Sterling, this would then have been worth 25 pence as a spending value.

  • Features
There are some interesting features of a coronation shilling that you will not find on any of the other British coins.
  • Queen Elizabeth II riding on horseback on reverse of coin.
  • Weighs approximately 25 grams and is made from fine silver.
  • 38mm in diameter
  • What to do
This was a fine and well crafted coin to mark the coronation and the beauty of the coin made people that had no interest in the monarchy or coin collecting want to own one. There are so many of these still in circulation that most of the advice I have seen online says that if you have one, you should keep it safe and well looked after. In the future it will be worth more than $25. Until then you must be patient and wait.
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Its worth around 3 thousand pounds just had mine valued and the guy is eager to buy so I'm selling

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