How Much Is 1850-1853 Millard Fillmore Dollar Coin Worth?


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You can’t be too sure. There appears to be little information available online to answer the question properly, but there are still many things that you could do to try and obtain this information. Perhaps one of the first things you can do is go online to a forum. There are many coin forums out there that are packed full of enthusiasts and experts who only want to talk about the many kinds of coins out there, and help people with valuations. Some may even be interested in purchasing coins, so logging onto these forums and getting involved can be a great opportunity for you to both find out what your coin is worth and potentially sell it too.

All you need to do is find the forum you want, and sign up. You will find instructions on the website that explain how to register. You will be asked for your desired username, and your chosen password. This will give you your online identity.

Once you have your online identity, you may have to make a minimum amount of posts in order to start your own thread. Hence, you’ll no doubt have to make a few posts before you can start your own thread. Once you have communicated enough within the forum, you will be allowed to start your own thread - or ‘conversation’. This allows you to ask the question that you want to ask and gain knowledge from the people within the community that may own the coin, may have sold the coin, or may be interested in purchasing the coin. Either way, these online communities are one of the best ways that you can obtain information and valuations on coins of all varieties.

You can either do this or go to your nearest coin dealer.
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