What Does The Mint Mark Look Like On The Morgan Dollar?


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The mint marks on a Morgan Dollar are different depending on where they were minted. The dollars that were minted in San Francisco will display an 'S' on the reverse side of the coin. Those minted in New Orleans will have an 'O' and the dollars that have 'CC' as their mint sign signigy that they were minted in Carson City, Nevada. Moreover, those minted in Denver will have 'D' on the coin; however, those coins were only available in the year 1921. If a coin doesn't have a mint mark then this means it was minted in Philadelphia.

To locate the mint mark you should firstly become accustomed to the Morgan dollar. The front of the coin depicts an image of the head of Liberty wearing a cap that states 'liberty', as well as wearing cotton, wheat and leaves in her hair. It also has the motto of the United States written on it which is 'E Pluribus Unum' along with the date of the coin.

On the back of the dollar you will see a picture of an eagle with the name of the United States as well as the value of the coin and the famous quote 'In God We Trust'. On the back of the coin look closely at the 'One Dollar' words displayed and the space in between the D and O in the 'Dollar' inscription will be where the mint mark is found.
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I uploaded a picture of the mint mark outlined, there will either be no letter there , a D, an S, an O, or a CC.
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The Morgan Dollar mint mark is located on the reverse side of the coin. (The eagle side) It is located directly above the D and the O on the word Dollar. If there is no mint mark it was minted in Philadelphia. There are a total of 5 places that a Morgan could have been minted:

No mint mark would be Philadelphia
"CC" - Carson City Mint
"O" - New Orleans Mint
"S" - San Francisco Mint
"D" - Denver Mint

If you want to read more about the reverse side of the Morgan Dollar check out this article on Morgan Dollar. It talks about the reverse side of the Morgan Dollar.
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Previous answer is correct. And if it is "CC" which stands for Carson City, the value is greater than others usually

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