How Much Is A Double Stamped Coin Worth?


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The truthful answer to the question 'how much are double printed coins worth' is: Very little, if anything. This is because they are not genuine, circulated coins, but rather novelty coins, often used in magic acts. At the very most, their novelty value may make them worth around $3 up to a maximum of $10.

  • Not US Mint Issue
The reason for this is that they could not be mint issue, even in error. The US and most other mints around the world, have built in measures to protect them against this kind of potentially costly error. The basic set up of the machines makes it physically impossible to print a coin with two heads or two tails.

  • How Double Stamped Coins are Made
Double stamped are rarely just sliced in half and stuck together. As a rule, the center of one coin has been hollowed out and a second coin shaved to fit into the hollow, has been placed inside it.

This process involves a large amount of skill and precision tools in order to create an almost perfect illusion. So perfect in fact, that it is almost impossible to detect with the bare eyes.

  • Magnifying Glass
Using a fairly strong magnifying glass, however, it will be possible to detect a very thin line around the rim of the coin, either on the front or the back, not around the edge. This line indicates where the second, shaved down coin was placed inside the first one.

  • If in Doubt
If still in doubt even after examining the coin, the owner should take it to a dealer and ask how it was made. The one absolutely certain thing is that it could not have been created to look like this in the US mint, or any other mint, for that.
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I have a coin that is the color of a dime' has the ridges on the sides like a dime has both stamps of a dime and a penny on it, and is the size of a penny. I've had it new and have saved it since 1994. It's in perfect condition,
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Double die (stamped ) coins usually bring a premium - called error coins - check ebay, they even have a category for error coins
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My coin is stamped as a dime on one side and a penny on the other.
Can you tell me its worth
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I have one just like that. I was using a penny to turn a screw. When the coin(penny) bent it peeled of the cover revealing a dime inside the penny. I still have both pieces and was wondering how common this was and what is the value of a coin like this?

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