What Is A 1963 Eire pin 1d Worth?


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A 1963 Eire pin 1d could, according to somewhat limited research, be worth anything between $0.39 (£0.20) and $29 (£15). To determine the exact value, an expert should be consulted.

The value of a coin depends primarily on a set of five key factors. These factors and the impact each of them has on value are as follows:

  • Age and Rarity
Age alone does not necessarily mean a coin is worth a lot of money. Some 1000 year old Chinese coins sell for little more than a few dollars each, because there are lots of them available. A Liberty Head Nickel from 1913 on the other hand, could fetch over a million dollars, as only five specimens are known to exist.

  • Condition
The condition of a coin will decide its grade, which in term will determine how much it is worth. A flawless coin in mint condition which has never been circulated has the potential to be worth a hundredfold the value of the same, circulated coin in good condition.

  • Base Metal
Many coins contain gold, silver or platinum and have a bullion value depending on the value and amount of the precious metal they contain, they rarely selling for less than their melt value.

  • Demand
As with many other collectibles, demand has a huge influence on the price of coins. A coin with a much higher circulation figure can be worth more than a relatively rare coin, simply because it is currently more popular in collectors' circles.

  • Quality and Beauty
Some coins are more beautiful than others, and public taste for specific designs can significantly impact a coin's value. A coin's quality is determined by certain characteristics of minting, execution, condition and overall eye appeal, such as shine, coloring, tone etc. The higher the quality, the higher the coin's value will be.

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