What's The Value Of A Copper 1916 Georgivs V Dei Gra.britt:omn:rex Fid:def:ind:imp?


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The value of a copper 1916 Georgivs V coin depends upon the condition of the coin itself. If the coin is in perfect condition, without having ever been circulated, it could be worth around 20 US dollars. If your coin has been in circulation but is still in a very good condition, it is likely to have a value of between five and ten US dollars. Those in a relatively poor condition could be worth around two US dollars. It should be noted that these values are only estimations, and the real worth of your coin could be very different to the values given here. You should have your coin valued by a professional coin dealer.
  • How to get a coin valued
To learn the value of a coin, you should take it to a coin specialist. These can be found in some towns and cities, although you may have to travel a number of miles before coming across such a dealership. If there aren't any specialist coin stores nearby, you could try your local antique dealer or even a pawn shop. But realistically, accurate estimations of coin values can only be given by an individual with extensive experience in the field. Preferably, you should consult a number of dealers to ensure the estimate you have been given is reliable.
  • How to sell your coin
If you have discovered that your coin is valuable, it is highly likely you will want to sell it. To do this, the best thing to do would be to sell it at an auction. Auctions for antique items such as coins take place regularly in various town halls and other public venues. Remember, you will have to pay a fee to the auction house when selling your coin. Alternatively, you could sell your coin on an auction website such as E-Bay, which is straightforward and convenient.

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