Is The Choking Game Dangerous?


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VERY! People die all the time playing that, don't do it!
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Ever heard of not waking up,collapsing your artery in your neck,stroking out,cracking your skull on the pavement when the kid doing it to you freaks out and lets go letting you fall freely basically snapping your neck or crushing your airway while they think your going to pop back up and start laughing with them and you don't. Or if your lucky enough to wake up/well not wake up but become unconcious just enough to breath until your brain swells up from hitting the concret floor/table edge. Con't
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Or you are just barely able to breath long enough for the hospital to put you on a ventilator until your family can decide whether or not to unhook you and let you go into eternity wondering if your going with God or Satan for eternity because they did not have time to say goodbye before you kicked off. I see no need to hide the reality from you or whom ever is reading this. I have seen to many young guys lose the rest of their life doing something they think makes them fit in or stand out
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This is not a game even though they call it that .this was used to subdue a enemy in battle and the enemy really did not care if their enemy got back up or if they suffered brain damage turned into a vegetable for life putting the burden on their family and friends or the other guy that was just "goofing around" thinking the other guy was just going to get back up and be okay .this game if you want ot call attemped murder a game has been around since wrestling has been around as a sport.
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I was watching Dr, G the one that does autopsies lastnight & she had a 12 year old that died that way & says that the deaths from that game are climbing fast! Dont even try it!
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YES it is extremely dangerous. Do not do it. There might be a sense of excitement with it, but it's the type of feeling that can lead to death. Please don't do it!
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You wanna play it?  OK but you are going to be the chokee.
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jacques slabouz answered's a game where people choke you to see how much you can handle before you die...(not good at all) a star a don't do it...k!

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