How Much Is The 1920 Worth Georgivs V Dei Gra Britt Omn Rex Fid:ind:imp Worth?


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  • How much is a 1920s coin worth with George V on it?

The coin is likely to be worth approximately $2-$10. The valuation of any coin will depend upon the rarity of the coin and at the time this was one of the most common coins, so although it was not particularly old, the age of the coin is what makes it worth up to $10.00. There are other factors which can affect the value including the condition of the coin. Any coin will be worth more money if it is in good condition.

  • Should I take my coin to a specialist coin dealer?

It may be a good idea to take your coin to a specialist coin dealer to get a more accurate valuation. The coin dealer will understand more about the coin and there is a possibility your coin may be worth more due to a unique feature. If you are looking to sell your coin a coin dealer would also be able to find a buyer for you.

  • How else can I value my coin?

Another good way to establish a rough valuation for your coin is to check online auction sites such as eBay. There may be a variety of similar coin which you can use as a rough guide to value your own. It may not be an accurate valuation, but will at least give you an understanding of how much it could be worth.

  • What is Dei Gra Britt Omn Rex Fid?

This is an inscription found on many coins and is in dedication to God and the King. It is Latin and is a common quote on many British coins.

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