How Much Is The Coin Worth, With Georgivs V D G Britt Omn Rex F D Ind Imp 1933?


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The coin stamped with Georgivs V D G Britt Omn Rex F D Ind Imp 1933 is a British coin that represents King George V of England. The King's Latin inscription appears on all coins minted prior to 1947 - after this time, the motto changed slightly - the words, "Ind Imp" were no longer stamped into coins, because India gained its independence. 

There's really no way to estimate value on a coin like this without considering its condition, and which type of coin it was. Obviously, if it was a gold coin, rather than bronze, it will have more inherent value. According to appraisers, a penny, or pence, coin stamped with this insignia will fetch about thirteen times its original value, which is then a total of thirteen cents. There are plenty of these coins around - some may sell for more money, but, in general none of them are going to have much impact on your income or lifestyle.

To learn more about coin collecting, visit some appraiser's websites, or go to message boards full of coin collecting fans. Reading the posts from passionate coin collectors can be very educational, and you'll learn a great deal about the business of buying and selling coins for fun or profit.

If you're planning on making a significant investment in rare coins, you'll need to learn how to avoid the many scammers and counterfeit coin traders on the Internet. Hiding behind veils of anonymity, these people can do some serious damage to your wallet. As a general rule, it's much wiser to buy a rare coin you can actually see, touch, and...appraise. When you buy online, you're taking a pretty big gamble, unless you choose a highly respected auction site, such as London's Sotheby's. The best rare coins will come with papers or proof of their history, or provenance.

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