What Is A Silver Sixpence Worth?


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The value of a silver sixpence can range from anything between less than one pound to over one thousand pounds. It varies dramatically depending on the condition of the coin and when exactly it was minted. For an approximate value of a silver sixpence, use a UK coin value index, such as the one available at, to find average coins for different variants.

For a more accurate value of a specific coin it is worth taking the sixpence to a coin dealer who will be able to make a valuation based on the exact conditions of the coin. If possible, take the coin to a number of different dealers to ensure that you find the correct value.

Online auction sites, such as eBay, are very popular places for sellers to advertise their coin collections. Visiting these will help gauge what prices other people are selling similar coins for.

The British sixpence, also known as the tanner or half shilling, was worth six pence or one fortieth of a pound sterling. The first sixpences were struck in 1551, during the reign of Edward VI, and were continued until they were made obsolete by decimalisation in 1971. The very last sixpence was struck in 1967 and a commemorative farewell proof was included in a set in 1970.  Although they were supposed to be demonetized at the decimalization in 1971, the coins, alongside the shilling and the florin, remained as legal tender until 1980. The coins were made from sterling silver until 1920 when they were reduced to 50 per cent silver. After 1947 the coins were changed again so that they were made from cupronickel.

All of the different mintmarks and changes to the make up of the sixpence mean that coin collectors can have a range of sixpences that are all valued differently. Get as much detail as possible from your coin so that you can get the most accurate valuation.

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