How Much Is A 1851 US Gold Coin Worth?


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The best way to find out the exact value of a coin is to take it to a coin dealer who can value it professionally and you can establish an exact price. If you are willing to estimate a rough value, the best way to find out is to log onto an online auction site such as eBay. At the moment, an 1851 US gold coin is being auctioned for anything between $60 and $1,300 depending on the condition and whether or not it was ever circulated.
As with all collectible currency, there are many variable factors which can influence the value of the coin or note. The age of the coin is obviously the most important factor, as well as what kind of condition it is in. The amount of coins that were originally released into circulation makes a huge difference as rare coins are much more unique. If there are combination of unique numbers on the coin, it can all increase the value of a coin. It is often difficult to value a coin or note as a certain combination of numbers could have a particular relevance to a certain person which would make it personally valuable to them and they may be prepared to pay more money for it. Also, we do not know what the future holds and we do not know what will be sought after in the future. There may be a major event that could make a certain coin valuable and if circulation of them stops in the near future, the value of your coin could increase dramatically.
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I have a1851$5 MS62 PC GS  GOLD COIN
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Ive got one with a hole in its worth about 35 pounds sterling but one in fine condition would be worth many thousands of pounds the american auction prices start from 100 dollars to 30,000 dollars
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The most common place to sell an antique coin is a museum as banks nowadays normally don't buy old coins but you can check out the possibility. Price rate would be different in both cases and will vary from city to city, country to country. Go, check out the museum and ask for the price or sell it at auction!!

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