How Much Is A 1841 William Henry Harrison Gold Coin Worth?


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The William Henry Harrison coin is worth one dollar. If you look at the EDGE of the coin, you will see it was minted in 2009. The 1841 date you see on the front is when William Henry Harrison served as the President of the United States. He served only 1 month, dying from pneumonia, which developed likely due to his Inaugural Address, in which he delivered a 1-hour, 45-minute speech in the cold and rain without wearing a hat or coat.

The metal composition is brass with a copper core, they contain no gold whatsoever.

The mint is releasing these coins, 4 per year, in the order that each President served.  The first coin of the series, George Washington Dollar, was released in February 2007. 

As for the rarity of this coin, it may surprise you to know the mintages are relatively low as compared to the coins released early in the Presidential Dollar Coin program.  The mint struck over 340 MILLION Washington dollar coins and less than a third of that amount for Harrison, at 98.4 million.

The mintages of these coins are steadily declining as there is no public demand for them.  The US Government would LOVE to replace the paper dollar in order to save production costs.  There is no public desire to give up the George Washington Dollar Bill.

As for the Presidential Dollar Program, it's currently scheduled to go to 2016, with the last coin (as of now*) being Gerald Ford.

*A "coin" is different from a medallion in that it bears a face value, such as "One Dollar" on the coin itself.  It is illegal to strike a US Coin bearing the image or likeness of a living person.  Since this series is released in the order in which each President served, Jimmy Carter will be released after Ford, but must first be laid to rest before they can start his coin.  Ronald Reagan would be the 4th coin of 2016 if Carter Passes before that year.

You can learn much more about these and other coins by visiting the mint website at
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Wow, those are very rare if its in good condition about 352,000 dollars but if its in poor condition about 212,000 but still thats a lot of dough
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