I Have An 1899 Nickel With A Woman's Head And 13 Stars Around Her. The Back Has A V In The Middle. Can You Please Tell Me The Value Of It. Also An Indian Head Penny . It Belongs To My Sister And I Think She Said It Was Around 1900? Does It Have Any V


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Hello! I heard about your coin which is actually called a liberty nickle. And the V is actually roman numerals for the number 5. And since it's from 1899 it worth about 75 cents, not much.oh and your sisters Indian head penny, ummm. Are you sure its a penny? If its the color bronze then its an Indian head penny, if its silver then its an Indian head nickle. Both of them are worth about 50 cents.
Warning: Never wash or polish your coins. It will diminish their value immediately. Just rub it with a cloth. If you store your coins and wait for a longer period they'll be worth much more.

Have fun collecting!

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