How Much Would A 1933 Gold Double Eagle Proof Coin Is Worth These Days?


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Ha! Man, if you had a genuine one of these which I am 99.9999999999999999999999% sure that you don't then it would be worth about between $2,000,000 to $8,000,000 depending upon what auction you tried to sell it at. If it was genuine though you would have to fight the US government for ownership of it in a federal court. (That is because none of these were released and the only 13 or 14 that got out of the mint were stolen).
You most likely have a copy, which would be worth between 50 cents to $200 depending upon what material it is made out of. Almost all of the replica's are made out of plastic and are only worth 50 to 75 cents, but there were a few gold versions that say copy on them that were made specifically to be "filler" coins to collectors.
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Thanks so much from one investor told me I have a gold version of it and it is worth almost $200.00 dollars!!
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Well, there were only 10 1933 Double Eagles today. And if you have one it is most likely a replica. Replicas have a value of about $20.00
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The U.S mint did not make a double eagle proof .Those with a 1933 date were declared illegal to own . Only one was declared legal and it came from the king Farouk collection .It sold for $7,590,000.00 in 2001
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The 1933 Double Eagle is very VERY rare. The rarest, most valuable coin in the world. I am 100% The one you have is a replica. I have several replicas, they sell on eBay for about $10 to $24. Mine is from the National Collector's Mint.

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