1962 Canada 1 Cent What Is It Worth?


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Canada one-cent coins from 1962 belong within a series of the Queen Elizabeth II coinage. These are the coins that are currently in circulation within Canada and have been since 1953, meaning that a 1962 coin is only worth its face value of one cent. There are no rare versions of this dated coin that could have any significant value.

Since the first distribution of the Queen Elizabeth II coins in 1953, there have been a number of series that have been used in Canada. The 50-cent piece was replaced in 1959, and in 1968, any coins of a higher denomination than 10 cents were replaced with nickel, rather than the original silver alloy.

The year 1987 saw the introduction of the loonie, a coin that replaced the voyageur dollar and had a new color, design and was a smaller size. The introduction of this coin also led to the withdrawal of the $1 bill from circulation by the Bank of Canada. The $2 coin (toonie) was released in February 1996 to replace the $2 bill and is still used today in three different varieties. The first batch of toonies were defective, with owners being able to pop the centre out of them and started a craze of ‘toonie popping’, the coins were quickly corrected and you are unlikely to be able to ‘pop’ any modern toonies. All coins below $1 were replaced in 2000 by steel with copper or nickel plating. Many people have complained about the change as it has had an affect on the coins’ compatibility with telephone boxes and vending machines that operate on a coin basis. Nowadays 50-cent pieces are rare to come across and are only ever minted in small quantities.

Since the first Queen Elizabeth II coin in 1953 there have been four different portraits of the Queen on the coins. Changed in 1953, 1965, 1990 and 2003, the initial two coins were designed to look similar to those of Britain, New Zealand and Australia, but the more recent coins have been made entirely unique to Canadian coinage.
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Are worth face value in the u.s., if the you have a canadian penny older than 1953 the value starts going up. For example a 1962 canadian cent is worth face value but a 1944 canadian cent is worth .30 cents to a dollar.
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I have a lot and I mean a lot of pennies.  Which years are worth more and I will separate them before I roll them up and go to the bank.  Thanks
I am talking about Canadian coins....Also 25 cents, 50 cents and some $1.00 coins.
All before 1967 Cdn.

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