How Much Is A Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Stamp Worth?


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The Thomas Jefferson one-cent stamp was only issued on January 12th 1968. It is not a rare stamp and thus is not worth a great deal more than its face value. You could probably be looking at around 20 cents used or 30 cents if the stamp is in absolute mint condition, if you are lucky, and it could feasibly be used at face value towards the cost of postage - the value of the stamp depreciating by just ten cents upon delivery. You may even have an especially rare version of the stamp, printed on a special type of paper which could fetch as much as $2.50, although unlikely, so I wouldn’t go out and max out my credit cards just yet.
Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America, so it is little surprise that there are a several stamps which depict his image between 1856 and 1993, and that a number of these are substantially rarer than the issue of the one-cent stamp in 1968. For instance the reddish brown five-cent stamp, issued in 1862 is valued at around $600. If you have another stamp depicting Thomas Jefferson on then it may be worth getting a professional valuation done. The one-cent stamp you would want to have in your collection is the Benjamin Franklin Z-grill, issued exactly a century prior to the Thomas Jefferson one-cent stamp, this philatelist’s dream is estimated to be worth at least $3 million, with only two examples known to be still in existence.

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