How Much Is A 1776 Massachusetts Pinetree Cent Coin Worth?


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How much is a 1776 Massachusetts pine tree cent worth?

A Massachusetts Pinetree cent 1776 coin is priceless, as there is only one in existence that has been guaranteed to be real. There are many replicas, which range in price - but these are not expensive as they are collectables which are not the genuine article.

  • The rare coin was found in Boston’s North End in the early 19th Century. From the engravings on the coin, we know that it was made by Paul Revere in 1776.
  • The original worth of the coin in 1776 is highly-speculative, as it is claimed to be one cent but the markings on it are 1dLM - which stands for one penny in lawful money.
This is an odd marking, as cents were in circulation and the influence of England did not change money in the state. Many of the fakes that you can buy as replicas have a mistake on them in this regard, as the markings say 1cLM which stands for one cent lawful money. This is incorrect, but is an easy mistake to make. If you do own or buy a replica, check for this marking on your collectable.

Another mystery surrounding this coin is that it is made from copper. Copper was scarce in Massachusetts at the time, as it does not occur naturally in the area - and this copper was probably brought into the state by a traveller. For this reason, it is thought that there were not many of these coins made - which explains why there aren't lots of these coins in museums around Massachusetts and in the United States of America.

This coin is priceless, and is stored in the Massachusetts museum.
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If it's a replica, its worth would be almost nothing. If it's a real Massachusetts pine tree cent, then it would be extremely valuable, as only one specimen has ever been found and it is held in the Massachusetts museum.

The coin sold for 40,000.00 in 1979. It would be worth around 100,00.00 if it was real.

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