1953 Cinco Pesos Coin, What Is The Silver Content- Value?


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The Mexican Silver Five Peso coin is approximately 40 mm in diameter and bears the head of Miguel Hidalgo, a Mexican priest who was a leading figure during the War of Independence on one side, and an eagle facing left and holding a snake above the national arms on the other side. This coin was first issued in 1951 and the final issue was in 1954.

  • Silver Content
The total weight of this coin is approximately 0.89 oz. With a silver content of 72%, the total net weight of silver in the coin is 0.64 oz.

  • Price of Silver
After a period of exceptionally good prices for silver, the price has now fallen to around $39.42 per ounce, with possible highs of $40.33 and lows of $39.38, depending on traders. This results in an average price of $39.71 per ounce of sliver.

  • Silver Value of the Coin
With a silver content of 0.64 oz, at the average current price of silver of around $39.71, the pure metal value of the coins is $25.41.

  • Collector's Value
On the collector's market, this coin currently sells for amounts between $25 and $39. The ultimate value of the coin in collector's terms depends on th condition the coin is in. A hardly circulated coin in almost mint condition may actually fetch more than the prices stated, whereas a coin that is extremely worn and discolored may be better off being sold for its metal value.

  • Ups and Downs
Coins have a peculiar habit of leaping up and down in price when it comes to collecting. This is very much due to the question of demand and supply. It is therefore always a good idea to check with an expert before making a decision on selling.

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