What's The Value Of A 1953 Cinco Pesos Hildalgo Coin?


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A 1953 Cinco Pesos Hildalgo coin is currently worth approximately $27 if you buy it online.

It is a Mexican coin that was issued between 1951 and 1954. There are still many of these in circulation and many were produced in the four-year period that they were in production.

When identifying the coin, a few things to note are;
  • The coin has a weight of 27.7 grams.
  • 40mm in diameter
  • 2.7mm thick
  • Dated 1953
  • The coin also has the mint mark MO on its surface
Visually, the coin has markings on both sides. On the front of the coin the pattern is the Mexican coat of arms and on the back of the coin there is a Hildalgo head within a wreath.

Although this coin is not worth a lot of money at the moment, the value of coins increase as the amount in circulation reduces, or in somebody's coin collection decrease. As there has only been approximately 60 years since the coin was actually used as currency, there are a large number that people still own them.

If you are looking to make money out of selling coins and coin collecting, you should keep hold of the coins you own for a long period of time and even pass them on to younger generations who will be able to continue looking after them for years to come.

When coin collecting, it can take many years to expand your collection and for the coins you have to increase in value. Make sure that you get them valued frequently and that they are insured for any loss, theft or disaster. Also ensure that you keep them dry and away from moisture or anything else that may damage your coins which are hopefully increasing in value by the year.

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