How Much Is A Penny With A Starfish ON It Worth?


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Starfish pennies, or, to be more precise starfish cents, from the Bahamas appear to be fairly common. Pretty as they are to look at, they can be found in some of the most likely and unlikely places. This, unfortunately, means that there are many of them around, resulting in them having very little value. From what can be gathered, even some of the older ones, dating back to 1892, are worth little more than a few cents each.

Palau had a $1 coin with a starfish as part of a sea life series, this coin now sells at around $54. Rumor had it that Australia also had some coin or another with a starfish design, but unfortunately it was not possible to obtain any kind of information on this one. A Celtic coin from the first century BC also bearing a a rather striking starfish design apparently sold for nearly $400. This coin, however, was made of silver and, to be quite honest, could not really be referred to as a penny.

It is certainly worth keeping this starfish penny, or cent; if for no other reason then for the fact that it really is quite pretty. One never knows, in years to come, demand for these coins may increase among collectors and prices may increase accordingly. This is particularly relevant if the coin in question is in good condition. If it has few signs of use, with good coloring and a good sheen to it, it is important to keep it safe, as this will further enhance its value if demand should ever rise.

For the moment, it is merely a nice thing to have, without having a notable value. As fashions do change, it could be worth checking with a coin collector or dealer from time to time.

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