I Have A 1883 Silver Dollar With Liberty In The Head Band. And Several Other Old Coins Someone Wants To Give Me $150 Foe Everything. Should I Sell?


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Over the years many of us pick up old family possessions that could well be worth a considerable amount of money. As we are living in such tough economic times, many families are being forced to try and sell these items in order to raise some much needed funds. If you are in this position it is extremely important that you endeavor to obtain the maximum amount of money for your property. If you have an 1883 silver Dollar with liberty in the headband and some other old coins too, it is probably advisable to sell the coins separately to gain the most amount of money for them. Often companies or individuals will offer you a sum for the group of coins knowing that they are worth much more in order to make some profit from your items. It is very important that you research each and every coin to ensure that you do not take too little money for any of them; old coins can be worth a lot of money, especially to a collector. Fortunately, in this technological age there are a number of different sites that can help you to value your coins. It is advisable to obtain a number of different quotes to ensure that you get a fair market valuation for them. Some of the most useful sites are coins.about.com/od/uscoinvalueguide/Coin_Values_Guide_Find_O and www.pcgs.com/prices/default.aspx, these sites will give you a good insight into the worth of your coins. The basic answer to your question is no, you should investigate your coins more thoroughly before you sell.
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I think you pass this dollar down in your family until it is worth so much, The rest of your family can get paid.
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I have a 1883 silver dollar with liberty in the head band and the eagle on back. Its E.Pluribus,UNUM83
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No , I don't think so that 1883 silver dollar is that much worth. To find the exact worth of your coin, go to yahoo Coins and Currency category, under hobbies >>> then collecting. dir.yahoo.com You will find lots of sites covering the art of coin collecting, and many sub-categories. In subcategory "Companies", you will find coin universe. This site offers price guidelines. Your dollar could worth from 10 dollar to 2500 dollar. Hope that helps
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No don`t because then you will regret that you selled it wait until it is worth like a lot of money then sell it

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