I Found A 20 Vingt Francs, A 50 Cinquante Francs, And A 5 Cinq Franc What Are They Worth?


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50 francs is the equivalent to 7.62 Euros; 20 francs is the equivalent to 3.05 Euros and 5 francs is the equivalent to 0.76 Euros. Altogether, these francs are equal to 11.43 Euros. By the current exchange rate, in US dollars this amounts to $16.41. Depending on the form in which you have the francs, you may be able to change them into a spendable format. Francs in bank notes can be changed at the Banque de France up until September 2012. However, banks will no longer swap coins, so if you have Franc coins you will struggle to find a place at which to swap them for Euros. It should also be noted that euro coins are difficult to change to dollars.

  • Advice regarding French Francs
In short, you are unlikely to get any significant value by swapping your Francs for a spendable currency. It is, of course, always interesting to know how much they are worth. If you are looking to get value out of your Francs, it would be best to keep them for a number of years. The coins and bank notes do not yet have an antique value, but they will decades into the future. Whilst you may not live long enough to see a time in which they are valuable, your grandchildren might. You could pass the Francs on to them so they have the opportunity to sell them on in the future.

  • The French Franc
The French Franc was the principle currency in France up until the introduction of the euro in 1999. It had been in place since 1795 - through the French Revolution and two World Wars - and many were sad to see the currency decease. Nevertheless, the currency was completely abolished in early 2002, once everybody had been able to convert their money and accounts into Euros.

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