I Have A 1922 Silver Dollar With Trvst Now How Do I Go About Selling This Coin For What Its Worth?


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All Peace dollars spell Trust that way, from 1921-35. The 1922 is one if not the most common date of that series. Unless the coin is uncirculated,free of bag marks and has full mint luster you'll only going to get the spot price of silver.Silver is sold by Troy oz. Which is 31 grams. Silver dollars weigh about between 27-28 grams and they are 90% silver. Silver as of today was $16.22 an oz. And the price changes every day. You could sell it on ebay ,or take it to a coin shop and or jeweler. Coins are like cars, there are RED BOOK and BLUE BOOK values and you have to haggle with the buyer or seller.Maybe you could go to ebay and just check the prices for that coin to get a better idea what the coin might be worth,

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