I Have A Liberty Silver Dollar 1795 In Extremely Fine Condition And A Ellis Island Liberty Silver Dollar 1906 In Extremely Fine Condition And A Trade Dollar, Sitting Ms. Liberty 1872 In Extremely Fine Condition. What Is The Est. Value?


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Well I can answer most of your question. The 1795 Liberty Dollar doesn't exist, 1795 had two silver dollars minted in that year and they were the 'Flowing Hair Dollar' and the 'Draped Bust Dollar' and those are worth around $2,000-$5,000!!!I don't know about the 'Ellis Island Silver Dollar'. As far as I know there were no nationally minted silver dollars minted in 1906. And 'Trade Dollars' weren't minted in 1872, they weren't minted for the first time until 1873 (one year later). So I don't know the value of those coins because I believe they are counterfeits, I'm sorry but yeah they have to be fake.
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Yes, I found out shortly after posting my inquiry. I placed a magnet to the coins and they stuck like glue........bummer..........purchased them at an estate sale encased in large belt buckles for $5.00 ea. So I'm not out much. Thank you for your message. Do you know if there is any value at all to known conterfeit coins?..................Bill.
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I must report that the message I left in regard to the 1795, 1872 & 1906 silver dollars can be disregarded, as they are all CONTERFEIT. I purchased them inserted in large belt buckles at an estate sale for $5.00 ea. So I'm only out a few dollars...Sorry for any inconvience.

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