1998 Liberty Silver Dollar 1 Oz Fine Silver What's It Worth?


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How much a 1998 liberty dollar 1 oz fine silver is worth depends on whether it is a so-called mint PROOF or not. If it is not, it should be worth at least its value in silver. The 1 oz fine silver indicates that it is basically pure silver, 0.999 oz, to be precise.

  • Value according to Price of Silver
The price of silver currently, at time of writing, stands at $40.64 per ounce, although changes on the stock market will have to be taken into consideration. This would make the coin worth $40.60. In general, these coins sell at around $25 on the collector's market.

  • Mint PROOF Coins
Uncirculated mint PROOF coins, usually supplied in velvet blue gift boxes, complete with US mint papers, certificates of authenticity, are widely being sold to collectors at around $95.

  • Condition of Circulated Coins
In general, the value of any coin depends to a great extent on its overall condition. The above price of $25 is currently being paid for coins in near mint condition. Anything less than that, and the price drops drastically. This is quite a paradox when considering its actual metal value.

  • Metal Values
As it stands, many coins on the market today are actually worth more as scrap metal than they are to collectors. This is usually the case with coins which have been minted in great quantities. Obviously, the more coins were originally minted, the more coins are available to collectors and only those in excellent conditions are likely to be snapped up by them.

In any case, it is always worth checking out the current metal value of a coin, especially for pure silver or gold coins, as more often than not, the metal value will indeed be higher than the current collector's prices.
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1998 Liberty Silver Dollar 1 Oz Fine Silver What's It Worth?

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