How Much Is An Old 50p Worth?


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It really depends how old it is, and of course how much an individual is willing to pay for the coin. When it comes to selling coins you must remember that the price is subject to change. There are things you can do to find out its worth, however.

  • What to do
The first thing you should do is try and find some dealers. Even if you are not looking to sell the coin, you should get in touch with a few different dealers and explain that you want to meet them for a valuation. The dealer will look over the coin and make you an offer.

Now, what you must remember is that the offer you receive from the dealer will not be the exact valuation of the coin. This is because the dealer wants to be able to make a profit from the coin, by selling it onto one of their contacts. So what you should do is get a few valuations. If you can see that the valuations from all the dealers appear to be about the same and you're happy with the prices, then simply sell it to the dealer that offers the highest price.

If the prices are dramatically different, however, then there is an issue. This means that the coin must be worth quite a bit of money, and the dealers are all offering different prices to get a huge margin. In this situation you should seek other advice; you may want to try and find a coin shop and ask the owner if they know anything about the coin. They may be able to tell you the actual value of the coin without trying to buy it from you. Be careful, and you could get yourself a good price.
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