How Much Is A Lyndon B. Johnson Token/coin Worth?


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Generally, a Lyndon B. Johnson token/coin will have a reserve price (starting bid) of less than ten US dollars. This type of coin is quite collectible, but not especially valuable. To find out more information about collecting coins for fun and profit, there are plenty of fun resources available on the World Wide Web.

Coin Collecting Resources

• Lots of coin collectors congregate on the Internet, discussing their coins and the relative value of their collectibles on message boards. Message boards are very convenient ways to find out more about the world of coin collecting; at a coin collecting message board, a person can leave a message or inquiry, and then go back to other tasks. Later, he or she can revisit the message board, and check to see if someone has answered the question or left a comment. Since many coin collecting message boards are very active social hubs, it's possible to find out an answer about a coins value within a day or two. Hanging out at these boards and making online friends can be a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with the exciting hobby of coin collecting. Whether a person wants to keep coins or trade them for profit, there is plenty of information about coins out there on the World Wide Web.
• Books also provide values for many collectible coins - a good book store will probably have a choice of many reference textbooks that show pictures of collectible coins, as well as information about their provenance (that is their history), value, and rarity. Once you've invested in one of these reference materials, it will be easier to find out whether you own any special coins that may have significant monetary value in the marketplace.

Coins can be sold and traded in the community or online. Antique stores and pawn shops often have a range of collectible coins for sale, and they may buy your coins from you, if they are of interest.

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