How Much Is One Gram Of Silver Worth?


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The prices of silver change all the time, if you are buying or selling silver you need make sure you are getting the true value of the silver from an accurate source that is up to date. The current (16 Apr. 11) price of silver is around 41 USD (US dollars) or 25 GBP (Great British Pound).  A good site to check the prices of silver is at, it shows the amount silver is worth, you can enter detailed information about the silver and have the price of the silver displayed in quite a few different currencies. You may wish to find other sources of silver prices to ensure you have the correct pricing, you can see the trends of silver at You also need to take into account whether it is solid silver or not, if you have a piece of jewellery that you wish to sell you will need to know if it is solid silver or not. You can get it evaluated in a local jewellers or look for marking on the jewellery to see if the minimum millesimal fineness is shown. The minimum millesimal fineness is basically the percentage of silver that is in the material. A good site to check the prices of silver is at They have an up to date price checker for 925 silver on their website at which they buy it at, if you live in the UK and wish to sell silver you could use this site. They claim to be one of the leading buyers and sellers of scrap material in London.
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As of March 3rd, the current silver price is $12.88USD per ounce.

1 gram = .03527 ounces

roughly .45 cents per gram.
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Hi I have 3 kilos of 999 silver can somebody give me an idea of what its worth thanks

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