I Have A 1991 1oz. Fine Silver One Dollar How Much Is It Worth?


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Given that there is no image included with this question, meaning the coin cannot be seen, a completely accurate estimate cannot be given regarding the worth of your 1991 1oz fine silver one dollar coin. This is due to the fact that we cannot see the quality of the coin and how well it has been kept. For example, a coin in mint condition is worth significantly more than one that is in a bad state from excessive usage. Collectors will pay much more for items that have been looked after over time. However, there are a number of things that you can do to get your 1991 1oz fine silver one dollar coin valued, such as:

• Look around for your nearest antiques or collector shop, visit the shop and ask them for a quote on your coin. You need to remember to take your coin with you for the valuation, as they will need to see the condition of the coin before offering you a valuation. Be sure to ask around for second opinions when dealing with collectors as they may give you a lower price in order to get the coin from you for profit.
• Using a search engine such as Google, research coin collector forums online and post a picture of your 1991 1oz fine silver one dollar coin and inquire about its worth. The people that use these forums are generally very well informed on currency and collectibles, so you should get a rather accurate valuation.
• If you are looking to sell your coin, you can put it on eBay in an auction bid and see how much people are willing to offer you for it. This way you can gain a quick profit and see how much your coin is worth.

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