How-much Is A Tercentenary Of The Bill Of Rights Two Pound Coin Worth?


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Although most £2 coins are basically only worth their face value due to the large numbers in circulation, the £2 Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights is one of seven uni-metallic commemorative coins minted between 1986 and 1996.As a result of this, it is listed in the Coins of the UK value list as being worth £8 ($13.17).

  • Description of the Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights £2 Coin
All seven of these commemorative coins had the head of Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Raphael Maklouf, and ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA F D TWO POUNDS as the inscription on their reverse side.

The 1989 tercentenary 2 pound coin had the intertwined letters W and M, representing William and Mary combined with a mace, the English crown set above and the date 1689 over the 1989 underneath this on its reverse. TERCENTENARY OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS was also inscribed above the W and M.

  • Legal Tender
A total of 4,777,891 of this particular coin were minted. Although accepted as legal tender, these coins were not commonly used within everyday circulation. As a result, many of these coins are still around in reasonably good, if not minted, condition.

This, in combination with the relatively recent date, explains the comparatively low value of the coin. It is, however, worth hanging on to, as the value is likely to improve in time.

  • Scottish Version
Apparently, the Scottish version of this coin was produced in much smaller quantities, making it rarer and subsequently already worth more to collectors. This coin bore the Scottish crown instead of the English crown, combined with the inscription TERCENTENARY OF THE CLAIM OF RIGHT.

As we are not coin specialists, it may be worth having the coin graded and valued by a more informed collector.
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I was wondering as well how much is it worth now?
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£2. They are not that rare.

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