Are Silver Dollar Coins From 1800's Worth Anything?


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The value of a silver dollar coin from the 1800s will depend on when exactly during the 1800s it is dated. The earliest silver dollars in the 19th century were produced in 1804. The 1804 dollar is one of the rarest and most popular and famous coins in the United States and even the world. A bookkeeping error led to the production of this coin but even now it is still considered as the 'king of coins'. In actual fact the real 1804 dollar was produced in 1834. It was produced to be used as gifts for rulers in Asia. Currently there are only 15 copies of the 1804 silver dollar known to exist across the world and within the last decade one was sold at auction for over four million dollars.

Silver dollars dated from between 1836 and 1873 were the first series to be used fully for monetary value. The coins were soon considered too large for common usage and although the weight was reduced, they were eventually replaced by the Morgan silver dollar. With current silver prices, these dollar coins are worth approximately $18. Morgan dollars were minted between 178 and 1921. They are the most popular silver dollar coins to be owned by coin collectors and while the 1921 dated coins are only worth their face values, unusual, faulty and rare coins can fetch thousands of dollars at auction.  As a series, Morgan dollars are quite rare as it is believed that only 17 per cent of the originally produced dollars remain. Many uncirculated coins can fetch around 100 dollars and the rarest have been known to sell for up to $100,000.

For the most accurate valuation of a specific silver dollar from the 1800s it is best to ask a coin dealer for advice. Seeking the opinions from more than one coin dealer will help to find an average price. Looking at online coin sales, eBay is particularly popular, it is possible to see how much people are paying for particular coins.
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I live in Springfield, OH.  Where is the closest place to go to get an evaluation of some silver dollar coins I have?

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