How Much Is A Canada Dollar Elizabeth II D. G. Regina?


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Minted in 1965, there are five varieties of the Elizabeth II silver dollar, and which variety you have will determine how much yours is worth.  Values can range from about $7 United States dollars which is basically melt down scrap value for the silver it contains, while rare versions of the coin will bring up to  $300 if the market is right, the value of silver, is up, and you find the right buyer.

Coin collecting has gone from a hobby to serious business in the last few decades. Serious coin collectors are interested in coins that were in circulation for a short period of time, coins that have errors from the mint, or coins that are beautiful and/or have historical significance.

The practice of hoarding coins for the value of the gold or silver they contain is as old as coins themselves. However; the keeping of coins for artistic or collectable value is a more recent occurrence. In the 14th Century, historians have documented evidence that contemporary coin collecting began around this time. During the time of the Renaissance coin collecting became a bit of a fad among some members of the upper class and following their lead many members of royalty started the practice as well.

Today, coin collecting is actually a full time job for many people. There are published catalogs that document almost every coin every minted and what the value was at the time the catalog was printed. There are some coins that can be worth up to several thousand dollars on the open market due to their historic value or the fact that there were only a few of a certain variety minted. Check your change the next time you go to the store, you may have gotten a coin back that is worth several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

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