How Much Is A 1962 Half Crown Coin Worth?


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On online retailing sites such as eBay and Amazon, the going rate for a 1962 half crown appears to be anything between two and five pounds in UK sterling. However, the value of a coin such as the 1962 half crown can vary depending upon whether or not the coin was in circulation, and the condition of the coin today, as well as the current economic climate. Unfortunately, you should not expect to make hundreds of pounds from your 1962 half crown, whatever its condition. The most expensive British coins can fetch up to one million pounds in UK sterling, but these coins are very old, dating back over 800 years, and are also extremely rare today.

The half crown originated in 1526 under the reign of Henry VIII, when it was made from solid gold. At the time of their introduction, half crowns were worth two and a half shillings, or 30 pennies, or 1/8 or one pound. Half crowns were discontinued in 1967 (so a 1962 half crown is a very new coin) and were taken out of circulation on 1st January 1970, when Britain adopted decimal currency (in pounds and pence). Over the years since its introduction, the half crown has been made from a number of precious metals, including gold, silver and bronze, until 1946, from which date they were fashioned from cupro-nickel.

A different kind of half crown was also in circulation throughout Ireland, until Ireland also adopted a decimal currency. In Ireland, the half crown was worth two shillings and sixpence, or 1/8 or an Irish pound.

Half crowns from 1962, and from before this date, are fairly widely available to buy online. As a result, they are not in particularly high demand. Coins only become items which are highly sought after if they are very old, at least two or three hundred years, and are in mint condition.

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