How Much Is An American Prospector 1985 Engelhard One Troy Ounce 999+ Fine Silver Coin Worth?


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Quite frankly it depends who you ask.
One eBay seller reckons they are worth at least $36.00 plus $3.95 shipping ( but there is still time left and at least two bidders so we’re looking at something probably in the low forties.
Purely based on the weight of the silver rather than looking at the specifications of the coin, silver is currently trading at $33.80 per troy ounce according to CNN Money in New York. Silver seems to be on a bit of an upper, but then precious metals always do well in times of economic instability as they rarely lose value and are henceforth seen as a safe and steady way of protecting investments.
But the coin must be taken into consideration as Engelhard Silver Prospectors have not been made since 1988. They only become available when they show up in the secondary market.  As such when they do become available, Engelhard Silver Prospectors usually carry premiums above other silver rounds.
This is rather pessimistic but seeing that they have a pureness 0.999 silver and are exactly one ounce in weight, if everything collapses it can be used as a tradable commodity, i.e. It’s survival money, unlike say normal coins which are usually made out of base metals. So if you think the Mayans are right and it’s all going to fall apart in 2012, this coin would be more useful than the forty odd dollars you’d collect for it now.
Remember if it’s not a private sale and goes through a third party, you’ll be liable to pay some sort of commission, denting the money you’ll receive.
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You most likely have a 1900 Morgan (Liberty) Silver Dollar. Which is a 90% silver dollar of which over 12.5 million where made. As it is probably the more common one with an "O" mint Mark and is worth today, 1/1/2009, about $8-10 in average condition based on the current spot price of silver $11.20 on 1/1/2009.

Check the links below for current values and more information about the Morgan / Liberty dollars as well as the current melt value of 90% Silver coins.

If on the other hand you have a silver bullion replica It would state on the "coin" that it weighs 1 troy ounce and that it is .999 fine silver, then it would be worth more. As today it would probably be worth $12-14 or more retail. A dealer will pay you less.

Today there are several .999 Silver Bullion rounds that are minted and look like Morgan / Liberty dollars, Indian Head Nickels, etc. These are not US currency and they clearly state their weight and purity. Such as it will state "One Troy Ounce" ".999 Silver" somewhere on the "coin" Often they look like they are "brand new" and they may well be. a web site with the melt value of coins)

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I have a silver Liberty Coin from 1900 and its in pretty good condition.I just can't understand why it would be worth only about $11.20.ITS 109 YEARS OLD!
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I bought one in uncirculated condition for 17 bucks plus tax. Hold on to it tho value of silver is suppose to jump up a ten fold by 1212-1213 :P.  Thanks inflation!.....hope that helps

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