I have a Philip Kraczkowski sculpture made out of pewter,how do I find out how much its worth & is it an original? Where can I take it to get a fair appraisal?Where do I look to find out info on that particular piece?


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With anything like this it is best to seek expert advice and so finding a reputable art dealer is your best route.

If you are not aware of where your local art dealers maybe based then you should head to google.com Once there type in your local town or city and then the words art dealer. You should find that a few appropriate dealers come up on the search. You should then find where they are based and their contact details.

Although it is advised to actually take your Philip Kraczkowski sculpture to the art dealers, if you are unable to then it is still worth ringing them up. They should be able to give you some advice and a valuation range over the phone but of course it will be a lot more accurate if they can actually view the piece in person.

If you are wanting an honest valuation of your sculpture then you should tell the art dealer you are not willing to sell it but would like them to tell you how much it is worth. Due to them being in the business of selling on for a profit they would probably give you a lower valuation then its actual worth if they wanted to buy it from you.

There are also some websites being launched that offer an expert valuation of art and collectibles for a small fee.

A website that provides this service can be found at -

They will require you to send them photos or even a video of the sculpture so it is a good idea to take the photos with a DSLR camera, ideally with a macro lens attached and also record the video in HD.

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