What Gold Clad Coins Worth?


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It’s difficult to determine what the answer is to this question, as your coin may not have the value that you were hoping for. When you’re dealing with gold coins, you need to remember the phrase ‘not all that glitters is gold’. Gold clad coins are often sold as gold coins, so at the very least you are aware that your coin is not actually solid gold.

When you’re determining the value of a gold dollar coin, factors like the rarity of the coin, the age of the coin and the nationality of the coin will have huge effects on the overall worth of the coin that you’re trying to sell. Knowing what your coin is worth could actually be as simple as purchasing a coin collector’s appraising handbook. Preferably, you will need a newer edition of the books to ensure that you get a current and up-to-date valuation of the coin in question.

You could also go to a local jeweller store. Going to a store like this could put you in touch with a coin expert, as many of them can actually be found in jeweller stores. Take your coin with you and talk to them in the store, and they should be able to provide you with a good amount of information about your coin, and perhaps even the worth of it. Remember, however, that because your coin is only gold clad, you will not receive the cash that you probably wanted for the coin.

You could also go online to the many discussion boards that talk about different kinds of coins, and ask the experts that you’ll find on there about your coin. Provide as much information about the coin as you can, and the online experts should be able to provide you information about the coin, and about how much it could be worth if you decided to sell it.

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