I Have A 1967 Gold Dime (looks Gold)in Mint Shape,can't Find Info About It ?Can You Help Me?


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I've been looking into your coin and have found a few things:
1) Background
Information: Across the nation on April 3, 1997, Sprint dropped 1,000 gold-plated dimes where people make phone calls. In order to turn this special dime into dollars, finders called 1-888-GRAB-GOLD to report their gold dime find. The first person who called the toll free number, and completed the dime verification process, won a $25,000 gold dime prize and one year of free long distance. The next 10 who call, and complete the same process, each will win a $1,000 gold dime prize and a year's worth of free long distance. Currently two Kansas City residents have been identified as $1,000 winners.

Apparently sprint was holding a contest. Did you find the dime or get it as change? (The contest has already been won though.)

2) Q: What is the value of a gold colored dime?

A: Ten cents. It's either plated or has been exposed to heat / chemicals that changed its color. As such it's considered to be an altered coin and has no extra numismatic value.

This is something else I found from wiki.com.

I'm going to say it is most likely a real dime worth 10 cents. It might be interesting to keep just because it looks cool.

I did look on eBay and found nothing. If it was silver it might be worth something because silver was used on dimes in that time. If you are still wondering, I would suggest that you look for a coin collector or seller in your area. Try flea markets and malls. They tend to have people like that. Thou a flea market would be more likely.
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So how long did sprint put out these gold dimes? my father passed away and when going thru his things I found 2 gold dimes one is dated 1976 and the other is in a sealed plastic that has never been opened and it is dated 1985................
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Quite often with an un-circulated coin from the old days, as it ages it receives a golden tinting.  This is usually more common with the silver coins, but I've seen it with others too. Some un-circulated coins that "rainbow" or golden up can be worth more than ten cents, but basically comes down to what you can get out of it on Ebay usually.
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That dime may be worth 20 .00 to me
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Well I collect coins but I'm still sixteen  but I do have some ideas. 1) You have one of very few of these coins. 2) Its fake which I doubt.    This is all I can really think of but also you might try searching ebay for 1967 dimes or gold dimes. Ill look into it as well.

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