I Have A 1957 Dime And A 1962 Dime, Can You Please Tell Me If They Are Worth Anything?


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You can call a coin collector shop and talk to them about it. I don't think that there is much value to them really though. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Dana R. Hamel answered
The 1957 is not rare, but could bring 20 times it's street value. If uncirculated expect more. The  1962 about the same, someone needs to fill a collectors slot with a nice uncirculated coin. The 1955 D and the 1954 S are worth more especially uncirculated
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Yeah I'm pretty sure there is very little value to older american coins because they aren't really that rare. Coins that are more like 100 years old or ones that were only produced for a very short time are the ones that have real value. But yeah, call a coin collector.

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