I Am Looking For The Value Of A Silver Trade Unit Coin One Troy Ounce... What Is It Worth?


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The value of a silver troy coin depends on its condition. Currently its price is quite high due mainly to the high levels of the price of silver in today's markets. This means the coin is worth about $27 or just over 20 Euros. Silver has risen in value with gold during the past two to three years to very high levels - the coin is worth as much as the silver in it is worth.
There are many ways on the internet and in the real world to obtain the value of a coin. This can be easily done by a coin collector, though they may charge you a price to value the coin.
You can also research it online and determine the coin's value after you compile a list of research and differing types of sites.
The internet is a fantastic resource for such things and a few minutes is certain to give you a valuation of almost any coin to a fairly approximate yet accurate level.
There are large number of these particular coins still around, even though they are over one hundred years old. This means that there is a large surplus in demand which has pushed down the price of the 1891 Victoria:DG:Britt:Reg coin, for example, by a considerable amount.
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What you have is called a silver round it's value is based on the market spot price minus a dollar or so based on who is buying it from you, a dealer will tend to offer less as they have to make a profit when they resell try to sell to a private buyer
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I have two international silver trade unit of .999 fine silver. Each coin is the exact same and they are 31.1 grams each. It is World Trade and on one side it shows the Earth and says the words EIN SILBER ONE SILVER UN ARGENT UNA PLATA and on the other side it shows a scale with the words THE INTERNATIONAL SILVER TRADE UNIT. Both coins are in nearly mint condition and there is no date PRINTED on the coins. How much is one of them worth?
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I have one coin   one troy ounce 999 fine silver SILVER TRADE UNIT with the queen liberty picture is this coin have a value ? Please,I need explanation.I,m from indonesia thanx before
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When you say that there is no date on the coin, do you mean that the date has been worn off or that there was no date printed? Is the coin a US coin (it should say United States of America on it)? And could you give a little bit more detail about the front and back sides of the coin. If you can answer these questions then I can answer you question.
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Looks like there is no date on it at all. It doesn't say us coin, but there is 48 stars on the flag, on a flag pole, with 8 stars above it. The eagle is in mid flight. Looks like olive branches on the bottom. The scale on teh back on the left side has coins, on the right side, weights to balance it out. More branches on the sides.
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Okay, it sounds like you have a troy ounce bar. If this is the case (which I think it is) then it is worth it value in silver.
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Since silver in a troy ounce is sold in the bar, it doesn't have a year print because it fluctuates with the market. You can call a coin dealer, or go and see one. They can tell you the going rates, and you can go from there. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I have two different coins.  They both have one troy ounce on them.  On one is has a lady with a shield in one had and limb with leaves on it in the other.  Liberty is above her and on either side of her say IN GOD WE TRVST the date on it is 1986 on the back side it has an eagle flying with one troy ounce below, United States of America above and .999 fine silver between the wings.  The second coin has a buffalo on the front with American Centennial  Celebration above and the date is 1883-1983 and on the back it has the scales with one troy ounce above  and .999 fine silver below and around that is says The International Trade Unit.  Can anyone tell me about these coins?  What they are worth? 

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