How Much Is A 1944 Three Pence Coin Worth?


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A 1944 three pence coin is not very valuable. The 1944 three pence coin is worth about $4 to $5. That is on the high side. These prices represent what you might actually be able to sell the coin for versus what you would have to pay a dealer. The price of the three pence coin will also depend on the condition of the coin. If the coin is in perfect condition, you may be able to get a higher price.

The 1944 three pence George VI coin is 12-sided and made of 79% copper, 20% zinc, and 1% nickel. It weighs 6.8 grams and measures 21 mm across the widest part of the coin. The heaviness of the coin made it easy to identify.

On Ebay, you can find a 1944 three pence coin for as low as $1.50 and as high as $17.99. A 1944 three pence coin tote bag actually sells for more than the coin itself ($23.30). If you have any sentimental attachment to the coin or enjoy having it in your collection, it is not recommended for sale. You will probably spend more time attempting to sell it than it is worth.

If you are in the numismatist community, perhaps you might be able to make a trade with someone. Perhaps someone may want the 1944 three pence and would trade you for a coin that you would like. Ask around the community or post something online.

The joy of coin collecting comes from the coins themselves, not the money. If you have a few coins, consider adding to your collection instead of selling these coins. Try to learn about the history of each coin, so you can teach your children about the interesting facts. Once your friends and family get involved, you might find out that coin collecting is more fun than you thought.
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G-44 - E-27

$164.99 $1055.99

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