How Much Is A Bicentennial Silver Dollar Worth?


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The worth of a bicentennial silver dollar, also known as the Eisenhower dollar, compares on its condition and what it is made of, whether it be silver or some other base metal as well as if there is a mintmark on it. The usual selling price of a perfect conditioned bicentennial silver dollar is about $3.

The Eisenhower Dollar is a $1 coin issued by the United States government from 1971-1978. The Eisenhower Dollar followed the Peace Dollar and is named after the General of the Army and President Dwight David Eisenhower, who appears on the front. Both the front and the reverse of the coin were designed by Frank Gasparro.

The Eisenhower dollar was the last dollar coin to contain a proportional amount of base metal to lower denominations; it has the same amount of copper-nickel as two Kennedy half dollars, four Washington Quarters, or ten Roosevelt dimes. Because of this, it was a heavy and somewhat inconvenient coin to carry round. It was often saved as a memento of Eisenhower and never saw much circulation outside of casinos. This led to its short time in circulation and replacement by the smaller, but even less popular, Susan B. Anthony dollar in 1979.

The Eisenhower Dollar was struck with a copper-nickel composition for circulation and was the first United States dollar coin to not be struck in a precious metal, although special collectors' issues were struck at the San Francisco Mint in a silver-copper composition the same as the 1965-70 Kennedy half dollar.

Although once considered a marginal set to collect, Eisenhower dollars have significantly increased in popularity with collectors in recent years. In part, this is due to the large size of the coin and the fact that Morgan silver Dollars went out of production in 1921. On the other hand, a complete set of high-grade Eisenhower Dollars can be obtained for a modest price.
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I have 40 Bicentennial Silver dollars.  I want to find a buyer...they are not pure on coin says 1776-1976.  How much are they worth?
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It depends on its condition, what it is made out of (base metal or silver), and if there is a mintmark on it. They usually go for about $3 if they are in perfect condition.
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The only think I could come up with is look if you local phone book and see if you have some kind of coin collection place down there that buys coins and take it there to get it appraised.

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