How Much Is A 1833 Silver Dollar Worth?


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In general terms, the 1833 Silver Dollar can be worth $12 to $400. Given the age of the Silver Dollar, it would definitely be worth more than the dollar it was minted for.

There are other factors that determine its worth, such as whether it is the Morgan Dollar or the Walking Liberty Dollar. These are the two versions minted in 1833. The amount it is worth of depends on the mint mark, quality, condition of the dollar, and of course, the issue of the coin.

As you may know, coins are often worth more, when there is an imperfection or less of that mint left in the world. The rarer a coin, the more you will be able to get for it. The lower quality coins will be worth less. Coins that are extremely rare or in perfect condition will earn you more.

Another factor is where you sell it. If you sell it on eBay or other online sites, you may not be able to get as much for it. People who collect coins look for sellers that are unaware of the value of the coin they have. There are also those that are not certain of the worth of a certain coin. This means they may pay less than it is worth because they do not understand the value.

It is in your best interest, to take your coin to an actual expert collector, someone you can trust to find out what the coin is actually worth. In this way you will not have any doubt. For some coin collectors, who want to mint true silver, may also find a better price based on the market value of silver right now. Silver and gold are two commodities that can fetch a good price based on melting it down for other uses.

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