How Much Is A Georgivs V D.G.Britt. Omn:Rex F.D.Ind:Imp 1917 Worth Today?


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Users on and are selling Georgivs V D.G.Britt. Omn:Rex F.D.Ind:Imp 1917 coins for around £5 or $6. However, is selling a Georgivs V halfcrown from 1917 for £34.

All coins originating in Britain or the British Commonwealth between 1910 and 1936 are engraved with the motto D.G.Britt. Omn:Rex F.D.Ind:Imp - this translates to George V, By the Grace of God, King of all Britain, Defender of the Faith, and Emperor of India.

Depending on the mintmark, the coin could have come from anywhere within the British Commonwealth. This includes countries such as Australia, Canada, India or South Africa. Coins originating in the United Kingdom do not have a mintmark.

Mintmarks are the markings created when the coin was first minted. The letter stamped onto the coin - usually just above the date - signifies where the coin originated.

Depending on the quality of the coin - whether it is marked by use, or was uncirculated - the value of the coin will vary. Higher quality coins, those which bear less obvious marks of use, will have a higher value than those which circulated through the population and became scuffed or otherwise marked.

Coins from certain years are rarer than others. Pennies from the year 1933 are the rarest of the Georgivs V period.
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Hi there!! I have a Georgivs V D G Britt coin dated 1913. Could you please tell me how much this coin is worth? Thankyou.
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